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Laos is a land locked country and surrounded by neighbors whose own histories have been convoluted and often intrusive. Its history is one of termoil and extreme poverty. Its own culture has been eclipsed by the better positioned neighbors of Myanmar, Thailand, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. Laos was a french colony for a half century and was never taken seriously by its French overlords. As with other former french colonies in Asia, independence in the early 1950s descended the nation into decades of trauma.

The country is about the same size as Minnesota or Romania with a population of around 6 million people which are predominately Buddhist. Laos capital of Vientiane sits across the Mekong River from Thailand. In the north lies Luang Prabang, the royal capital of the country in the 14th. century and is today a part of the World Heritage sites.

In 1975, after the collapse of Cambodia and Vietnam to the communists, fighting began in Laos, a revolutionary administration takes over in Vientiane, the King advocates from the country and the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic is born and rules the country still today. During the Vietnam war, America had dropped more bombs on the people of Laos than all of Vietnam leaving behind a legacy of old bombs that are still taking its victims today.

Today, Laos is a country with amazing nature and scenery. The population of the country is relatively young and very friendly and helpful to tourists coming into the country. Infrastructure is improving and for nature lovers, who still get a taste and feel of beautiful pure unspoiled fauna and flora, this is a great place to visit. A combination of modern city, such as Vientiane, and the hill tribe population of the north makes a vacation to this country an unforgettable experience.

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